Brand Management

A brand is a collection of symbols, texts, experiences and associations connected with a product, a service, a person or any other entity. Brands have now become increasingly important components of culture and the economy, and have been described as ‘cultural accessories and personal philosophies’. Your brand is what you are. Right branding speaks volumes without the voluminous verbiage. Branding plays a very crucial and critical part since it is not just the face of the company, but also its identity. Everything involved in making a brand - name, logo, colour, styling, presentation, et al; they all play a very vital role in brand recall and in turn help the company grow leaps and bounds. We give importance to not just the creation but also the very essence and meaning that the creation gives out. The world will know you through your brand. Let us lead you to your brand.

Printing & Creatives

Your one-stop shop for all your printing & creative needs. We print anything and everything in multi-colour offset. We undertake customised printing needs, catering to your every need. Also we provide striking Creatives that will make your brand prominent.

Business Publication

Your business will need a good business publication at some point of time - to announce your new business idea, to execute your next big project, to communicate with your stake holders or simply to showcase your business.

Coming out with a business publication can be quite a nightmare if it is not done the right way and at the right time, losing out on valuable time, effort and mileage.

We will take care of all your business publication needs; right from preparing the content, to the layout, to printing it; the way you want. Your business publication should give the right picture about your business. And we will help you do that, with aplomb!

Web Management

We can open up a world of online web services for you. We create web sites that are easy to use, from web applications to e-Commerce. Talk to us for one or more of the following expertise:

The BrandMark has worked for a variety of clients, across various kinds of businesses. Our strength lies in understanding the need of the client and working out the most apt solution, thereby giving the brand the best of identity, visibility, recall and retention. Here are a few sample works of some of our clients.
Our Concerns Primetime Prism Hydourite Survey IndiaSmiles Trust

Company: is an initiative of Kernell Primetime Media Associates Pvt. Ltd.

The group is into business since July 1996 and the two core business companies of the group are Kernell Primetime Media Associates Pvt. Ltd. and TravelMark Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Kernell Primetime Media Associates Pvt. Ltd., is a publishing firm headquartered at Hyderabad. The flagship product of the company, the monthly publication 'Primetime Prism', is the Official Tourism Promotional Magazine of Andhra Pradesh Tourism. The company’s other activities include business publications, customised maps, advertising & creatives, printing contracts and any such activity that demands creativity and punch. TravelMark Holidays Pvt. Ltd., is a Tour Handling Company and Hotel Reservations Network, promoted by professionals from the hospitality industry. Be it a resort at a holiday destination or a business hotel in any city, TravelMark Holidays fulfills all the needs of leisure tours and business travel. The company also specializes in 'Value Packages', 'Steal Deals' and 'Guaranteed Low Price Offers' for various categories of hotels and resorts – from economy to luxury. The group firmly believes in doing business with ethics and social responsibility and the same is reflected in all its business activities.


The group is promoted and headed by entrepreneurs who believe that any initiative can progress successfully only if it is executed with passion and dedication. The promoters, Manoj C S & Ramakrishna AV, have had a varied and considerable experience in the Hospitality Industry. Manoj C S, a native of Kerala, India, raised in the metropolitan city of Hyderabad, co-created the concept of monthly tourism promotional magazine Primetime Prism in July 1996. Manoj, the leading force behind the qualitative content aspects of the publications division of the business, has been instrumental in building Primetime Prism to a magazine from the original guide book. A co-founder of TravelMark Holidays, Manoj is the operational head and works closely with the travel division's team to develop latest corporate business strategies, strategic tie-ups and expansion of the business. Ramakrishna A V, a native of Andhra Pradesh, India, raised in the metropolitan city of Hyderabad, co-created the concept of monthly tourism promotional magazine Primetime Prism in July 1996. Ramakrishna, the leading force in the creative aspects of the business, has been instrumental in building Primetime Prism into the only recognized tourism promotional magazine in the entire country. Ramakrishna works closely with the publications division's team to develop corporate business strategies and to spearhead the future direction of the company. A co-founder of TravelMark Holidays, Ramakrishna is the technical head behind the online activities of the company.


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